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  • Summary: Check out our SPECIAL FEATURE on how to get FREE BEER using this app! Shady Puzzles: St. Patrick's Day Edition is here! "The Awesomest edition of Shady Puzzles!" Presenting the next Puzzle Pack to the well-received Shady Puzzles Series! If you love Puzzles and St. Patrick's Day as much as we do, then this app is a must!



    In this very special edition of the Shady Puzzles, we have invited Pubs from around the world to join us in the celebration of St. Patrick's Day globally!

    Click on their links to check out their awesome promotions! Some Pubs offer FREE BEER if you present the app to them!


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    More Puzzles, Modes and Achievements!


    We take pride in this product, so if you have any feedback or suggestions for this game, you can email us at

    We appreciate all your comments & hope you lurrrrve the Shady Puzzle App.

    The Shady Puzzle App site:

    The Original Shady Puzzle site:


    Available now on the App Store!

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