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  • Summary: Shake 2 Make: Pets is a great fun app for all the family!

    It's really easy to use - just choose your cute character and shake your iPhone! This triggers a crazy transformation - your pet could grow new arms and legs, a bizarre new tail, put on a funny hat or grow horns or antennae,
    even grow a new head or body!! Anything could happen! Each time you shake the phone something else will change!

    When you have a pet you like the look of, you can name your pet! Then you can save your pet to your iPhone to use as a wallpaper or you can even email it to your friends!

    It's a cheap, great value gadget for all kids, young and old! GET IT NOW!

    App Features:
    > Shake 2 Make: Pets uses the iPhone's Accelerometer to translate the user's shake into a crazy transformation for their pet!
    > Shake 2 Make: Pets includes over 100 different animal body parts which means 1000's of crazy combinations to make your favorite pet!
    > Shake 2 Make: Pets allows you to save your named pet creations as a wallpaper on your iPhone!
    > Shake 2 Make: Pets allows you to email your named pet creations to your friends!
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