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  1. Jul 25, 2011
    It's incredibly well designed, addictive and finding new effective spell combinations never gets old.
  2. Jul 18, 2011
    Despite its cartoon art style and arcadey gameplay, Shake Spears! scores thanks to the surprising tactical intelligence it requires.
  3. Jul 18, 2011
    At first glance, Shake Spears! seems rather shallow and repetitive. But it turns out that isn't the case. There's a surprising amount of strategy involved with the gameplay, especially in the latter portions of the title. As a result, there's a lot of challenge, depth, and fun.
  4. Aug 1, 2011
    Jousting isn't exactly the most well-used concept for a game and Shake Spears! manages to balance strategy with basic bludgeoning fun in a way that's hard to put down.
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  1. Dec 15, 2013
    "Shake Spears!" is simple, unique and quite entertaining. It can get addictive after upgrading and purchasing items from the shop. Full Review »
  2. Feb 5, 2012
    When I've started playing this game I thought that it offers really poor gameplay. It strives to deliver a simple paper-rock... kinda' gameplay that can be fun for a second but not much more. Nothing more wrong! Give this game a chance. There were a lot of things that could have been done wrong but developers nailed almost all of them. Unlike Dungeon Hunter 3 you don't need to play again and again the same level just to succeed after the 10th attempt. Here you can grind more just to buy yourself a different ability or bettter armour. It's tempting to use IAPs but you can do it on your own (it's not imba). Two things that were missed there. Final boss is ULTRA hard... :/ and resizing shows (it looks like crap). Other than this it's a great game for HOURS of fun! :) Full Review »
  3. Aug 18, 2011
    A very interesting game, with a cool spears and shields mechanic which I have never seen before. The whole upgrade and shop system also really compells you to come back for more. Full Review »