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  • Summary: Tweet Us: -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING: "The game board is very detailed, and even has extra bets found only in Chinese casinos."... "The table even lights up, that is so cool!" - (


    Sic Bo (sicbo), meaning "dice pair" is an ancient Chinese gambling game. It is very popular in Macau (China), Australia and especially in Atlantic City, NJ. It can also be found in some Vegas casinos, as well as in the UK.

    Sic Bo (é) is also known as tai sai ('), dai siu (), big and small or hi-lo, and in Macau some variations exist with extra bets called Yee Hah Hi.

    It's a combination of Craps and Roulette and has many bet options allowing the player to win lots of money at the casino.

    Now you can enjoy this great game on the go and practice betting strategies for when you visit a real casino.

    This version includes these great features:

    1) Online World-Wide Leader Boards, so you can show off your winnings.

    2) Different Casino Rules for: Macau, Atlantic City, and Australia.

    3) Movable and Zoom-able table which makes it easy to place your bets.

    4) Sounds including dealer commentary.

    5) A career mode that tracks your true net winnings via a bank borrowing system.

    6) Lots of statistics which track dice combination's, total bets won/lost, and much more.

    7) Additional Yee-Hah-Hi bets and colored dice.

    So what are you waiting for, give Sic-Bo a try and you will see why this game is so popular.


    Also try our other casino game "BlackJack 3-Hand Edition", which allows playing up to 12 hands at a time.
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