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  • Summary: ********
    Like the iPod and iPhone version of Simon Says via listening!

    Silent Space is gameplay that's all about the ears and how you listen. You'll hear a series of beats playing out in either ear headphone side. Your objective is to listen, and then repeat the pattern
    once it's complete.

    The game starts off easy, but as you get better at it, it progressively gets faster and harder to keep up where you'll find yourself doubting whether the pattern you think you just heard is really it. If you miss one beat when replaying it back, you'll be given one warning, miss it again and you're out.

    Hyper Drive Mode
    As an added bonus, if you get 7 patterns in a row right, Hyperdrive Mode will be activated giving you a free turn where no matter what you play back, you'll automatically progress.

    Amazing Sound Effects!
    What makes Silent Space such a fun game isn't only it's quickening speed, but also the computer voiceovers included, giving you the total futuristic gaming experience and taking advantage of the iPhone and iPod touch's amazing audio abilities. Have your heart stop as everything silent but you're playback of the beats and a hum of being in a spacecraft atmosphere when suddenly your iPhone or Touch vibrates as you hear sirens going off and the screen flashing as a computer voice informs you that your forcefield is down 50% after missing a beat. Miss one more and you'll have Life Support failure.

    High Scoring
    After your game, your score will automatically be posted online to our high score database if an Internet connection is present. You can compete for Today's Best or the coveted All Time Best. Do you think you have what it takes?

    Since Silent Space is focused upon left and right ear listening abilities, whenever you start each game, a quick calibration voice for the left ear's speaker and the right ear's speaker will play just to make sure you have the right earpiece in each ear -- otherwise you'll be in for a shocker on your first round!

    So what are you waiting for? Experience the next level of gaming that fine tunes your listening abilities and provides a futuristic twist on the popular Simon Says game!

    Keywords: party, game, listening, simon, repeat, patterns, puzzle, sound effects, hearing, fun
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