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  • Summary: “Simon Cards Edition” is the classic memory game, where you need to repeat a sequence of cards randomly chosen by Simon.
    This application is a simple as it gets, and has all the fun of this modest, yet challenging memory game.
    Simon will follow your pace. If you play fast, Simon
    will play fast too!
    The game will keep track of your best score during the session. It makes the game even more challenging and entertaining.
    Simon will present a new set of cards whenever you start a new sequence. All 48 cards are present, with a set of four different backgrounds based on a Casino theme.

    When the game starts, Simon randomly picks one of the four cards, highlights that choice and plays the distinctive tone associated to that card. On your turn, you have to tap on the same card. If you make a mistake, the game is over.
    If you are successful, Simon will pick another card, will add it to the previous choice and will now play the sequence with two tones. On your turn, you will have to tap on those same two cards that Simon has chosen.
    The game goes on as long as you make no mistake when repeating Simon's sequence.
    The score will reflect how many times you've been able to successfully repeat the melody.

    Have fun!
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