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  • Summary: Leap valiantly from the top of your fortress and guide courageous soldier John to safety in this endless faller. Use touch or tilt controls to steer our hero around bombs, saws and an amazing collection of other perils that threaten to bring his airborne journey to a messy end. Can you help John become a true Sky Hero?SAVE YOUR HONORHelp our Sky Hero fulfill General Barbas’ last wish and make it to safety, dodging saws carried by birds, cannon balls, rogue mustached barrels, and more craziness.FALL OF DUTYComplete 30 missions and discover new challenges, enemies, and power-ups by playing Sky Hero in new locations and at different times of the day. WHATEVER THE WEATHERThe weather in game reflects the weather in the real world – where you are NOW! How cool is that?FALLING WITH STYLECollect coins with every descent and use them to unlock new power-ups, amazing animal costumes, and even a whole new fortress to leap from.Game Features•Endless faller with free fall physics•Colorful visuals with location specific weather•30 missions with new challenges to discover•Unlock power-ups and cool costumes•Game Center Leaderboards and Achievements•UNIVERSAL: Works on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad**** FOR THE BEST IN FREE GAMES AND DEALS VISIT CHILLINGO.COM/DEALS **** Expand
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  1. Dec 2, 2012
    Sky Hero will appeal to those looking to scratch the 2D endless running/falling itch, which is not a bad thing. While it's an enjoyable enough gaming experience in its own right, the title doesn't have much that's new or innovative for this already over-crowded genre.
  2. Dec 11, 2012
    Another colorful and decently amusing game where you get as far as you can, spend some cash in the store, and try the whole thing over again.