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  • Summary: Limited time 70% launch SALE!!! "The sense of actually flying is intense, in many ways it is already more fun than *** (a lot more expensive competitor)" --from the review by Jmandjt Feel the adrenaline of a stunt pilot while staying safe with your phone in hand. Sky Racer brings you an unparalleled level of 3D graphics realism against the backdrop of breath-taking scenery.

    Experience the wide selection of routes filled with crazy stunts, as well as a range of planes from the single engine Cessna to a military jet. You can also choose the time of day and weather conditions for your flight. We calculate actual aerodynamics, weather conditions, we even take into account the actual aerodynamic and engine characteristics of real planes.

    This game is not only about flying through hoops; feel free to leave the course and explore the great mountains and flowing river valleys around the massive virtual world.

    Stay tuned for future updates that will include new exciting stunt-routes and new planes!

    It is recommended to restart the phone after installation of Sky Racer.

    Tilt the device to control pitch and roll.
    Touch/drag the very left side of the screen to use the throttle control.
    Touch the top of the screen to use the autopilot, flaps, and brake controls.
    Fly through the hoops, or explore the world, your choice.

    Tutorial videos are posted on Youtube:


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