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  • Summary: Get ready to run and jump like never before, in your magic journey through the Skylands!Protect the Skyland’s Forest from the lumberjacks, collect the crystals and get awesome power ups and artifacts! Use the ancient mystic power of crystals and morph into the great eagle to go further and protect the tree tops.You are Ciellu, the last of the Skyrunners, an ancient tribe that protects the Skyland’s Forests.How far can you go?Can you uncover the mystery behind the Skyrunner’s tribe and rescue your missing friends?  FEATURES: ? Simple and easy 2 button control. Run, jump and use special abilities!? Get stronger and play in different ways with the power ups and mystical artifacts? Complete more than 90 exciting different missions!? Morph into the Mystical Eagle! Soar through the skies and treetops in the flight form!? Eye popping colorful and detailed 3D forest backgrounds.? Upgradable power ups! Use the collected crystals to unlock items that make your player better, faster and with different abilities!? Thrilling and catching soundtrack. Hear the mystical sounds of the Skyrunner’s tribe!? Share your best scores through Facebook and Twitter.? Incredibly fun endless running gameplay! Expand
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