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  • Summary: Download the Store App and wish for more top rated paid apps like Smack That Gugl II to become FREE for a day!"Gugl is back for revenge! You smacked him, now you'll have to slice, pile, explode and crush him and his new friends.8 new types of Gugls, hundreds of stages, three levels of difficulty and an endless mode. Smack II is hours of frenzy fun.Go berserk with your friends for the world record!Features:-----------------------8 new kind of GuglsHysterical gameplay3 difficulties for all ages216 stagesEndless ModeUnlock any level with stars: you are never stuckgreat 3D renderingFresh voices and sound designCool background musicLeaderboardsPlenty of new types of Gugls:- Pipo and Pipi must be sliced.- Spikey: watch out this one stings!- With Cyclop you need two to make one.- Connect three Blocky to blow them up!- Plump is rolling and very hard to catch!- Wu is very shy and lives in a hole.Also new bonus:- Stars to unlock levels if you're stuck- Bombs to explode every Gugls at onceAnd always our old chaps from Smack that Gugl:- Green Gugl, your regular buddy- Quicky, this one is always in a hurry- Bumpy is stubborn, you need to smack him twice- Plague is to be avoided at all cost- Blinky is badly mixed and splits in two Think you got it, wait and see how crazy the rhythm can be as the stages goes up: hey big chef, can you pancake them all?! Expand
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