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  • Summary: The original and still the best 3D Card Game; SNAP! for iPhone and iPod Touch. From the Developers of 'XBMC Remote' ( XBox, Mac, Linux, PC), and 'Picture Safe' -Password Protection for your Images.


    UPDATE: We were approached
    and we've just received confirmation from a customer that Apple have chosen to install Animal Snap! (full version) on their demo phones throughout Apple Stores in the US, for customers to experience the kind of innovation/fun that the iPhone makes possible.

    Much appreciated Apple. Thanks!


    SNAP! features:

    - 1 and 2 Player Games
    - 3D Playing Cards
    - Multiple 3D Playing Environments
    - Customisable Deck - Choose from 3 colors or even your own photos.
    - Full Screen Multitouch SNAP! Detection
    - Pinpoint Scoring Accuracy (no more arguments over who was fastest)
    - Performance Stats Tracking & Summaries
    - Stereo Soundtrack and Sound Effects
    - Slow, Normal, Fast Difficulty Settings
    - Trophy & Star Award System
    - Regular Upgrades

    Remember SNAP! the classic card game from your youth?
    The first card game most of us learnt and played well into the night at the kitchen table, whether for spare change, matchsticks, or as an excuse to stay up way past ones bedtime SNAP! has delighted generations of families the worldover!

    Taking a minute to learn but a lifetime to master, it continues to be enjoyed as perhaps the only game on the planet where age, sex, or experience count for nothing! The ONLY thing that matters are quick wits and superior dexterity, so that kids can and do beat adults, girlfriends routinely own their boyfriends, friends are humbled, and fortunes hang on the turn of a card.

    Now Collect3 brings SNAP! to the iPhone and iPod Touch, giving you the chance to introduce a new generation to the timeless classic, relive those fun moments from your youth, and maybe even exact a little bit of revenge ;)

    Completely reinvented for the next generation of would-be card sharks, SNAP! for iPhone or iPod Touch utilises the unique touchscreen and 3D graphics capabilities of either device to deliver a unique, entertaining, and highly addictive 'Fastest Finger First' style of gameplay.

    SNAP! for iPhone and iPod Touch is fun for all ages, lets you test your reflexes to see if you've still got what it takes, and gives you the chance to show your friends what you (and your iPhone) are really made of!

    So pull your finger out, getting Snapping! and remember fastest finger takes it all!


    Please feel free to leave a review! It makes our job all the more worthwhile, and to be the among the first to hear about the next exciting new apps from Collect3 send a blank email to

    Collect3 are currently playing: uno, scrabble, field runners, cro-mag rally, rolando, koi pond, ocarina, spore origins, abc pre-school adventure, trism, poker, tap tap revolution, hockey, crash bandicoot, monkey ball, and sketch. We bought and recommend all these apps. *Others milage may vary.

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