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  • Summary: Help “the Baboon" on a lonely planet to collect data and on his way he has to save himself from space aliens by shooting them. His mission is to collect all the data and bring it to the spaceship.Game Play: The Baboon will jump from one floating rock to another without hitting the ground. He has to collect the oxygen packs, health packs otherwise his health deteriorates. He has to collect data and reach the spaceship before time runs out. He has to collect the bananas for extra points. If throughout his journey he hits the ground or is hit by any alien, the game is over.In level 10 the spaceship will be launching and the countdown will start, the Baboon needs to reach the spaceship before it takes off from Planet X.These are the Power-Ups available : Fire resistant Jet Packs that make Space Baboon fly. Gravity Packs that makes the Baboon Light Weight and Baboon will not fall through soft stones. Magnet Power-Ups pulls collectibles like bananas and coins towards the Baboon automatically. You can purchase Power-Ups to get you through the levels. Expand
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