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  • Summary: SpaceWars Deathmatch is a retro real-time action packed space fighting game for solo and WLAN battles. Mastering, the truly engaging, solo mode, will give you the power to go up against your buddies in real-time multiplayer mode. Just connect up to 4 iPhones to the same WLAN and you'll be ready to go, maybe bringing with you those great LAN party memories. Dual-stick nav controls intuitively placed provide total control of your spaceship fighter. Pickups can power-up your spaceship fighter with classic spray and rapidfire munitions.

    Bots have manually written decision making components for avoidance, entrapment and persecution, which will give you hours of fun; while still managing to be predictive enough so that hardcore gamers can master their movements and beat the game with a perfect score. And for the geeks, clever resilience mechanisms hide WLAN packet losses, providing a rich realtime experience for mobile players. In this retro, multiplayer deathmatch game, we've implement state-of-the-art client-side prediction and other techniques, which in the past made FPS games great LAN games. What are you waiting for? Get your copy today and enjoy hours of fun. Plus we guaranty solid feature rich updates, with fulfilled requests by users like you.
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