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  • Summary: SPB Brain Evolution is an intellectual software game that helps to train the brain and improve memory, logic, arithmetic, and puzzle-solving skills. The application is a suit of 12 games, which have to be played in sequence: only good results in a game, unlock the next one. Features: * Nice graphic
    * Addictive gameplay
    * Brain Marking and Brain Training modes
    * 12 development games (Sudoku included)
    * Increasing difficulty levels
    * Step by step games unlocking
    * A new scoring and progress tracking system
    * Sharing user's achievements online on SPB server
    * Posting achievements to Twitter
    * Different awards for better play
    * One interesting fact after every completed training
    * Separate profiles for several players
    * Family gaming scenario

    Your Brain Can Do Better!

    «Every time your pick up the game, you are improving yourself... making yourself smarter, faster, better, stronger. Watch as you work your way through the game, and you will see yourself whipping through puzzles which seemed impossibly difficult only days earlier. This is the beauty of Spb's latest offering. Instant gratification.» Just Another Mobile Monday

    «From a child to a Nobel Prize Winner, I believe that SPB's Brain Evolution is a hit! Our brains are a complex working machine, and with the proper training, we can use them to their fullest capacity. Brain Evolution will target some of the most important parts of this wonderful organ!» 4winmobile.com
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