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  • Summary: You are a Spider. Should you take your new identity, your job is to defend your home from attack of naughty insects who eagerly want to destroy it. Defeat big bosses to obtain their special skill to blast enemies.



    Check out the gameplay video at http://www.coolgamesinc.com

    F E A T U R E S
    - Survive through 40 days of intense but yet addicting battle.
    - Obtain devastating special skill such as lightning bolt, shadow ninja and wind-fury.
    - Tap with your finger to navigate. Double tap to swing from one point to another. Draw a line to repair a damage web.
    - Lots of unique moves such as: slingshot small enemies and objects mid-air, swing punch big enemies to deal more damage.
    - Defeat 5 big bosses, each require different strategy to kill.
    - Collect credits to upgrade your skills and equipments.
    - Physically realistic spider webs which bounces, wave and snap realistically upon impact and movement.
    - Progress through 5 different terrains each with beautiful background.
    - Battle various enemies such as sticky canon bugs, white worms and sawflies.
    - Automatic save when you close the application or when you receive a phone call.

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