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    Buy Squish Squash now for only $0.99! That's a savings of 75% off the original $3.99 price!!!!!

    In Squish Squash, you'll need to defend your crumb from being eaten by wave after wave of clever, colorful and determined bugs, by squishing and
    squashing them first. But you have to hurry, and do it before your crumb disappears!

    Squish Squash features four modes of gameplay to challenge everyone from kids to adults, with 100 exciting levels to master, bonus rounds, awards to earn, special super-squashing power-ups, high score tracking and more! The game's highlights include five different types of bugs to battle, each with their own unique personalities and tactics as they try to get a bite of your crumb: Crush and smear the slow moving Brutes to slow the other bugs down, avoid the Hunter bugs that can bite your finger, and the Hoppers, who can only be squashed when they're on the ground. Watch out for the fast moving Wimps -- as well as the hordes of hungry Peons. These bugs are bad news -- and must be squashed!

    Squish Squash features stunning 3D graphics that fully showcase the iPhone and iPod touch’s capabilities, intuitive navigation controls and amazing music and sound!

    100 Exciting Levels
    20 Bonus Rounds
    2 Game Modes
    4 Levels of Difficulty
    Lush 3D Graphics and Sound
    Squashing Combo System
    5 Types of Bugs
    5 Types Power-ups
    Awards to unlock
    3 User profiles to track progress
    Highscore Boards
    Changing time of day

    Squish Squash will appeal to fans of:
    Centipede, Asteroids, iBug, Pet Bugs, Bug Busters, Pinch n' Pop, Sneezies - Bubble Popping Fun, iBubbleWrap and Fieldrunners
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