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  • Summary: THE ULTIMATE MOVIE TRIVIA APP IS HERE!!!Alfred Borden once said in The Prestige, “Are you watching closely?” It’s from this premise the game sQuiz: Reel Trivia was born! In sQuiz you’ll be tested on the movies you love and the scenes you love. How well do you remember your favourite characters? And is your memory as good as you think it is? Forget the generic questions asked in traditional trivia games! All questions have been lovingly ‘hand crafted’ by the sQuiz team to truly test all movie lovers young and old, from casuals to film addicts! - “Who comes to help Forrest Gump’s shrimp business?” - “How did the Joker get his scars in The Dark Knight?” - “How many smoke stacks did the Titanic have?” Call yourself a movie buff? Let’s find out how good you really are! GAME FEATURES- 1,500+ MIND MELTING questions in the first release with more coming - 350+ of YOUR FAVOURITE movies with more coming - A single player game mode covering 9 AWESOME genres – Action, Comedy, Drama, Romantic Comedy, Science Fiction, Family, Adventure, Thriller and Animation. More genres to come - A quickplay game mode for that anywhere, anytime trivia burst - ‘Hand crafted’ questions to truly test whether you’ve watched the movie - Questions to suit all players, from super easy to fiendishly hard, there’s a challenge for everyone - Game Center and Achievements – beat your buddies for bragging rights- Play on the TV with Apple TV. With the Airplay function you can wirelessly stream the game on to the TV and play with your family and friends!- UNIVERSAL APP - buy once and play on iPhone, IPod Touch or iPad!!!! FUTURE FEATURES- Head to head multiplayer on the one iOS device – decide once and for all the true film trivia king - Updates with more questions, more movies in more genres. More of everything! sQuiz: Reel Trivia is WhizBang Games first iOS app. We’re delighted to bring you sQuiz and we look forward to bringing you more games to come.Checkout our youtube preview trailer of the gamehttp://youtu.be/2XdA9NPfuQ8Follow and 'like' us atfacebook.com/squiztriviaCheck out our blogwhizbanggames.wordpress.com Expand
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