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  • Summary: ???*??Epic star strategy game???*??Discover the mystery of star and challenge your intelligence limit, IOS edition Star Sequel is coming.???*??Main functions???*??Star Sequel is a kind of star war strategy game on the background of star, with castle defense, instant combat, free mind construction system, relatively shaking battle scenes, various mechanical soldiers. Players will be a star commander experiencing the fun of strategizing. Star Sequel carries on the main game ply of traditional strategy games, but real-time combat, all-around building scenes, multi-players enhance together make it to a new high.???*??Game features???*??Epic star strategy game easy to handle and get in. Perfect pictures make a visual feast.Various crops, hundreds of thousands of players combat in same area to be the king of the star.Discovering the mystery of star and challenge your intelligence limit create your own Star Empire. Recall the sweet memory of the classical game. ???*??The best attack-defense strategy of 2012 login in IOS???*??Real-time combat, free-mind construction system ,relatively shaking fight scenes, different preference of various mechanical soldiers?a wide range of activities, the most contractive Star Sequel.Hot tagsfacebook, twitter, valkyrie, community, supernova, time, moon, galaxy, empire, fire, freelancer, star, space, colony, forum, constellation, life, dogfight, research, technology, world, base, global, night, building, planet, month, resource, combat, build, friend, pocket, battle, shooter, chocolates, adventure, fighter, digital, player, system, multiplayer, simulator, wars, fishlabs, gof2, dchoc, alien, galaxyempire???*??More Concern for Star Sequel???*??Facebook address: address:*??Serious promise???*??We not just provide a game, but also a kind of service. Expand
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