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  • Summary: Ladies and Gentlemen! Step right up and marvel at wondrous workings of the Brothers Flit & Whick's amazing Steam-Powered Video Poker Clockwork Contraption! Don't be shy, put your hard earned credits to the test and maybe…just maybe, you can be a winner!New from Sidebolt Studios comes "Steam Poker," an old timey and interesting take on the popular Video Poker casino game. Wager your credits against the odds as you play the game you know and love. Other features include...- Redraws: Not satisfied with the fact you didn't win a hand? No problem! If you've got the necessary vac-tubes to power the machine, you can continue drawing cards until you eventually win.- Boosters: Use booster coins to alter the machine's functionality so you win 5 times the normal amount of credits.- Leveling: The more you play the more the machine upgrades itself. Increase your bet amount, unlock more versatile ways to play, or gain special rewards.- Bet Denominations: Tired of betting nickels and dimes? Well, why not bet a dollar instead? The higher amount of credits you bet the more you can win!- Full Gamecenter Functionality: See how you stack up against other "Steam Poker" players from all around the world with various leaderboards and achievements.Remember to review and leave feedback so we here at Sidebolt can give you the best gameplay experience possible! Expand
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