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  • Summary: ????:????????????????? 88 ????????????????????;????????????????????????????????,??,???????????????????;??,???????????????,???????????????????,?????????????????????????????:- ????????,?????????????,????????,?????????????????????-????:????????????????? 88 ????????????????????;????????????????????????????????,??,???????????????????;??,???????????????,???????????????????,?????????????????????????????:- ????????,?????????????,????????,?????????????????????- ?????????,????????????????,???????????????????,?????????????,????????????,??????????????,?????????,?????????????????- ? 88 ?????????????????,?????????????????,?????????????????????;???????????????????,???????????????- ?????????,?????????????????????,??????????????- ???????????????????,?????????????,???????????- ?????????????????,???????????????????????:??????????? : iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 ,iPod touch 2rd generation, iPad, iPad2.Description:The great constellations in the sky are mysteriously sealed into the deep and their shimmering lights are fading at cost!! Fortunately, the unique stones of energy are still flowing within the greater galaxy!! The stones of energy are the key to break the seals for the constellations. Use them wisely to regain the lights of the sky!!!Features:- Easiest game control ever! All you need to do is "Touch, Drag and Play!"- Nice and simple rules that can be learned in a blink of eye!- Hundreds of challenging missions made from the combination of the 88 constellations for all easy, normal and hardcore players!- Fantastic semi-alpha designed UI which provide the maximum play area with easy understanding icons!- Three powerful abilities that can be use over and over to save the day when needed!- High quality musics with blasting sound effects that will make you enjoy the game even more!Support languages??: English, Traditional Chinese.Requirements: Compatible with iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4G, iPod touch 2rd generation, iPad, iPad2. Expand
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