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  • Summary: ?CAPCOM's Special Offer: until the end of September?Our 4th offers are:-Final Fight $2.99→$0.99 (until Sep 21st) -STREET FIGHTER IV VOLT $6.99→$2.99 (until Sep 19th) *Only “Final Fight” application is on sale. Please note that the same title which is included in?CAPCOM's Special Offer: until the end of September?Our 4th offers are:-Final Fight $2.99→$0.99 (until Sep 21st) -STREET FIGHTER IV VOLT $6.99→$2.99 (until Sep 19th) *Only “Final Fight” application is on sale. Please note that the same title which is included in “CAPCOM ARCADE” is NOT on sale.Search “CAPCOM” for CAPCOM’s apps!? Caution: Supporting OS ?Supporting OS: iPhone 3GS with iOS4.1 onwards, iPhone 4, iPod touch 3GS onwards.Please note: iPod touch (8GB, model No, A1288) is not supported (*Model No can be found at the back of devices)*Although being tested on iPad and iPad2, this application is not designed for these devices.Here the legend was begun…Passionate soulful battles…And now…The masterpiece is coming back!!The origin of fighting games!!Meeting users’ passionate expectation, “STREET FIGHTER II COLLECTION” will be released, covering three early titles of “STREET FIGHTER II”!!? Covered Titles ?? “STREET FIGHTER II The World Worrior”? “STREET FIGHTER II' CHAMPION EDITION”? “STREET FIGHTER II' HYPER FIGHTING”? Operability has been dramatically improved!! ? Presenting far better operability, compare to the same titles which are contained in “Capcom Arcade” application!?Improvement?Using “Lever operation + S” button, all the different finishing moves can be operated.?Using 3 “S” buttons, the strength of finishing moves is selectable from “soft”, “middle” and “hard”.?Rearranging placement and size of buttons?Button Operation1) “PK4 + S3” button (4 buttons for: punch (soft / hard), kick (soft / hard) + 3 buttons for: finishing move (soft / middle / hard))2) “PK6 + S3” button (6 buttons for: Punch (soft / middle / hard), kick (soft / middle / hard) + 3 buttons for: Finishing move (soft / middle / hard))*In addition to this, the setting not to use “S” button is available.Finishing move commands used to be bothering are now easier to operate! Use all the finishing moves such as “Dragon Punch”, “Hurricane Punch” or “Cyclone Kick” efficiently, Go on fighting against the fighters all over the world, and aim the real fighter!!? Caution: To play using Bluetooth ?The matches using Bluetooth are available only between the same titles.In addition, this application is NOT designed to connect with the same three titles which are distributed through “Capcom Arcade”.? About this Application ?This application consists of three titles “STREET FIGHTER II”, “STREET FIGHTER II'” and “STREET FIGHTER II' TURBO”, which are improved in operability and display of in-game menu compare to the titles being distributed through “Capcom Arcade”, and renamed “STREET FIGHTER II COLLECTION”.*Please note that even if you have already purchased three applications through “Capcom Arcade”, it does not mean that you own “STREET FIGHTER II COLLECTION”.We hope you will enjoy it!!?Capcom’s latest info?Follow Capcom on Twitter and check the latest info!Twitter: Expand
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  1. Sep 21, 2011
    There's a reason why these games keep getting re-released on newer systems, it's because they're classics. The rules and mechanics that these games introduced are still the basis of most fighting games to this day, and they are more than just a history lesson; they're still very fun to play.
  2. Dec 6, 2011
    Capcom made a great fan service with this Street Fighter II Collection. Three games in one and a vintage flavour that will satisfy you. Original sounds & original graphic it's the right choice. You won't be disappointed even from the virtual stick that does its job with no flaws. If you love fighting games, you can't miss the father of them all.
  3. Oct 28, 2011
    The emulation is good, but there just isn't enough here to get excited about, and Capcom's business decisions are rather unsavory.
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