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  • Summary: Welcome to Stuck Genie, a fantastic and addictive puzzle game for your iPhone and iPod Touch.

    Previous brave puzzlers have become part of the labyrinth's architecture and can only be freed when someone has solved the final puzzle at the heart of the labyrinth.

    You must solve the
    puzzles, outwit the mischievous Puzzle Genie and free those who went before you.

    Move your ball around each level and try to stick your ball to all other balls in the level within the given time limit to progress.

    For better ball positioning you can rotate all your balls clockwise but only if you have the space to do so.

    Stuck Genie takes seconds to learn but hours to master. Just don't get Stuck!


    - Any Touch game mechanic.

    - Fun cartoon graphics.

    - Challenge of the Puzzle Genie.

    - Totally addictive gameplay.

    - 73 maze levels of increasing difficulty.

    Stuck Genie, another original game from Cobra Mobile. Cobra Mobile's other award winning titles include, Low Grav Racer and Mouse About.


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