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  • Summary: Go nuts with Stunt Squirrels! HD Make the crowd roar by blasting these death-defying daredevils safely to the goal! Navigate tricky mazes and high-flying obstacles in this fun new physics puzzler from Fire Maple Games! ???????????????????????? CRITIC REVIEWS ? Featured on the iPhone App Store in the HOT NEW GAMES! section ? Featured on the iTunes Store in the NEW AND NOTEWORTHY section! ? GRAND PRIZE WINNER! The 2010 GameSalad Macworld Challenge! ? "A Rodent Blasting Good Time!" - ? "a physics puzzler that’ll blow your socks off" - ???????????????????????? DESCRIPTION Stunt Squirrels! HD is a fun physics game where you blast your squirrel towards the goal using precision explosives! It will take a steady finger and quick reflexes to beat every level! ???????????????????????? FEATURES ? 60 levels to conquer! (30 regular levels and 30 hidden bonus levels!) ? Hidden on each level is a golden acorn - can you find them all? ? A magic hoop is hidden on each level as well! Launch the squirrel through the hoop to unlock the hidden bonus levels. ? Three different trophies to collect! ? Collect all 750 coins scattered around the bonus levels to claim the largest trophy! ? Don't worry if you don't find the hidden bonuses on your first try! You can replay any level at any time! ? Stunt Squirrels! HD saves all of your stats as you play! You can quit and return right where you left off! ???????????????????????? OTHER GAMES FROM Fire Maple Games + Danger Cats! - Available for the iPhone and iPod Touch! ???????????????????????? SCREENSHOTS Expand
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