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  • Summary: Fans of Sudoku and Drop7 will feel right at home. Features - Addictive Gameplay - Gorgeous Chalkboard theme graphics - Easy to Pick-up Simple Rules - Difficult to Master - Global Scoreboard - Listen to your own Music when you Play - Save Game State when interrupted ------- Critics Say -----------
    Numerically minded people will enjoy Summation, strategy and tactics are required in order to score high and continue playing...

    Summation is a simple game based on the placement of numerical tiles within rows and columns, and how these groups can be used to form chain reactions - rather than an immediate clearance of the board straight away. It's survival strategy that works well... -

    Summation is Tetris which test your math skills, an addictive yet educational puzzle game about adding numbers, clearing blocks, and making chain combos to attain high score.

    Drop numbered blocks into the grid and add the numbers together horizontally or vertically to see whether you match the target goal. Stack up blocks and create chain combos that help you stay alive longer in this ultimate race of survival. Creating huge chains to attain high score and earn multipliers that can help you clear the board faster. Keep your eye on the constantly changing target and plan ahead in this game of Tetris meets Puzzle fighter in which your brain is tested to its limits.

    Compare score with the world's math wizards in the built-in global score board. Find out how as you are having fun, your brain becomes much more attuned with basic math, become smarter at the same time as you relief the stress of your daily life. Become a master of Summation.
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