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  • Summary: *** ON SALE ***

    This is the second bundle of the SUNKISSED CROSSWORDS INK WELL series. The INK WELL series package offers relatively difficult, pop culture oriented content. On a scale level of 1 to 5, these crossword puzzles have an average difficulty level of 3 to 3.5. Please check out
    the free version "Sunkissed Crosswords Ink Well - Lite" first. If you prefer easier puzzles, please check out "EZ-30! Crosswords 01". Don't forget to look for our existing and and future releases of other series of varied content and skill levels, such as the TAUSIG series. Thank you!!!

    The most intuitive, cheerfully designed crossword application presents you a collection of amazingly fun puzzles, authored by Ben Tausig, one of the youngest full-time professional puzzlers in the United States. The SUNKISSED CROSSWORDS INK WELL series includes fully licensed puzzles. It is self-contained and hassle-free. There is no dependency on any web sites, so you can enjoy the puzzles at locations where there is no Internet connection.

    It is the perfect companion for everyone: exercising your brain, learning new words, or simply killing time. This non-intimidating application is designed to work for moderately advanced solvers. If needed, you can get plenty of help and hints as you go.

    Some of the features include:

    * Summary of puzzles in the Puzzle List.
    * Progress bar on the Puzzle List to show your progress made on each puzzle.
    * Option to "Zoom In" or "Zoom Out" on the Puzzle View.
    * Intuitive navigation with gestures and keyboard input in the Puzzle View.
    * The yellow and light gray cell colors help you easily identify the selected letter and word.
    * Letter is displayed in red as soon as you type in a wrong letter when playing at the Regular skill level.
    * Letter specific commands to Clear, Cheat, Lock, or Unlock selected letter.
    * Word specific commands to Clear, Cheat, Lock, or Unlock selected word.
    * Puzzle specific commands to Solve or Reset the puzzle.
    * Puzzle View is always visible when working with the Clue List.
    * Clue List allows you to access all the clues in the Across or Down mode.
    * Easy settings let you enjoy playing the puzzles at different skill levels and in preferred "zoom" mode.
    * Work is automatically saved so you will not lose your work.
    * Comprehensive help text available in the application.


    * Zoom in or out on the Puzzle View with "Double Tap".
    * Select a cell on the Puzzle View with "Single Tap".
    * "Swipe Left" or "Swipe Right" takes you to the previous or next word in the Across direction.
    * "Swipe Up" or "Swipe Down" takes you to the previous or next word in the Down direction.
    * "Drag" with a finger to move the view when in the "Zoom In" view.
    * Get Hints by selecting "Hint" from the Clue List repeatedly.
    * When stuck, select "Cheat" from the Letter or Word Action Sheet to help you move on.
    * Immediately lock your letters or words if you are confident about them or if you don't want to overwrite them by accident. Choose Lock from the Letter or Word Action Sheet to lock the selected letter or word.
    * Select "+ Keyboard" to start typing.
    * Select "+ Clues" to bring up the Clue List along with the Puzzle View.
    * Pop up the Clue List to work on clues that are easier to solve.
    * Refer to the Help text whenever you are stuck or need more information.
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