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  • Summary: SuperHuman: how far will you go?Do you enjoy testing the limits of your body, mind and morals? Then SuperHuman is perfect for you! Climb the mountain as fast as you can, but know that success will require focus, stamina and strength. The question you have to answer is: Do you want to become a SuperHuman by training or technology? SuperHuman is a game about human enhancement: The use of technologies to make you smarter, faster and stronger. We have 27 enhancers in store for you, from whey protein to deep brain stimulation. But be careful – using enhancements can result in side effects and even time penalties. SuperHuman is a multiplayer, real-time game. You can join forces with your friends or random team-mates or choose to go it alone. SuperHuman is perfect if you are busy but still want to game. Plan your strategy between business meetings, classes or on the road and master the mountain! SuperHuman Features* Full-quality premium game that’s free * Great graphics and beautiful, multi-layered backdrops* Multiple mountains to climb, alone or with your team-mates* Wall of fame to display your gold, silver or bronze badges* 27 enhancers to make yourself smarter, faster, stronger* Amusing quiz questions to upgrade the effect of your enhancers and become even better and faster* Invite friends to play with you or play against random opponents* Complete messenger system to chat with your team-mates during the game* SuperHuman supports iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad* Perfect game to play while you’re busy with work or study and need a break* Push notifications to keep you posted about your or your team’s progress * No advertisementsVisit SuperHuman at Expand
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