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  • Summary: STAY HIDDEN TO DEFEAT THE SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM! CAN YOU REACH THE CCTV CAMERA WITHOUT BEING SPOTTED? Vigilance and stealth are your only weapons. Stay out of sight as you find a route higher - be seen and you'll be TOAST! *Please note: There is one minor bug in this version - see below * ABOUT SURVEILLANT: Surveillant is a stark and stylish reinvention of the old skool classic, 'The Sentinel'. With simple human vs. computer gameplay each level presents a purely spatial challenge, heightened by moments of high tension as the sinister CCTV Camera sweeps its arc of hot red destruction. Movement is free as long as you can see your landing point clearly - just TILT to turn around and TOUCH the screen to jump to a new position. Try to get higher, but avoid exposing yourself to view. The need for stealth is matched perfectly by the subtle, ambient audio. The sound of the wind builds as the player ascends and the whine of the laser shifts frequency as the beam strikes different surfaces. With headphones on, the sensation of the beam passing close by is enough to raise hairs on the back of your neck and being spotted will make you jump, even on repeated occasions. Music (by Vector Lovers) is used sparingly: the haunting chords of the title theme, a beautiful ambient loop on the level select screen, and an eerie and hypnotic melody on the 'Carousel' level. FEATURES: 10 levels ( levels are designed, not procedurally generated and there will be more added in the next free update! ) Tense retro-inspired game play Intuitive Accelerometer-based controls Stylish 3D visuals Atmospheric audio ----------------------------------------------- INSTRUCTIONS: Reach the base of the CCTV Camera to win the level. Keep out of sight! Use the LOOK BUTTON to check where the camera is looking. Use the landscape to your advantage - find blind spots to shelter from the CCTV Camera. Remember, timing and stealth are your only weapons. Collect any Data Pickups by moving near to them – unlocking all the Pickups on a level will activate a moving platform enabling you to reach your goal! Beware Stalker Drones - robot sentries that track your body heat. ----------------------------------------------- CONTROLS (PLEASE READ THIS TO MAXIMIZE YOUR CHANCE OF SUCCESS) TILT the device left or right to turn toward the left or right. TOUCH PLATFORMS or GROUND to jump to that point. You can jump a long way if the landing point is clearly visible. While moving you can still turn around but you cannot jump to a new point until you have landed. TIP: sliding the finger over the platform you want to jump to can be more effective than tapping the screen - especially if the platform is only just visible. HOLD the LOOK BUTTON to look at the CCTV Camera. Don't panic if the Camera is not visible – the view is blocked by a wall and the CCTV can't see you either in this case. PAUSE the game by touching the pause button in the top center of the screen. While PAUSED you can change the volume level, set vibration on or off (iPhone only) or exit back to the level selection screen. ----------------------------------------------- ISSUES & BUGS: Ahem, yes we all make mistakes... to be fixed: 1. Level 'First Base': Holding the LOOK BUTTON before the 'hold look button' help tip appears causes the game to freeze. The app must be closed and restarted twice before it runs again. Thanks to Theo Lordan for spotting that! ----------------------------------------------- HELP SUPPORT INDIE DEVELOPMENT: SURVEILLANT took a year to develop, outside a day job. Recluse Industries is not a big company with a paid development team. If you have a problem or suggestion please don't leave abusive single word reviews. Contact me via the website with any feedback you have. All good ideas will be taken on board for future updates. I hope to Make Surveillant a bigger and better game in future - but I can't do that without your support. Thanks for playing. Thanks. Expand
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  1. Feb 7, 2011
    At this early stage, there's only 10 levels to battle through, but with more to be added in Surveillant's upcoming free update, this is a keeper.
  2. Jan 31, 2011
    Surveillant proves that you don't need a huge budget or a complex system of gameplay to generate tension while providing players with a unique puzzle challenge; a diamond in the rough worth checking out.
  3. 80
    An inspired reworking of The Sentinel, introducing a new generation to one of the most tense and atmospheric action puzzlers ever made.
  4. Feb 23, 2011
    This minimalist take on a Commodore classic impresses with its unique design and tense atmosphere, but suffers from some noticeable bugs in its initial release.
  5. Feb 13, 2011
    Fun, stylish and unique, Surveillant overcomes its relative brevity and sticky controls to stick out as one of the freshest iPhone experiences around.

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