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Summary: Chase the glowing dot for 60 Seconds!Comments:* You can train your reaction with many games, this one is just optimized.* This app is only about to train your reaction. Exactly what I was looking for.* Simple Concepts like TA-PE are always a challenge.* My personal Record is 98, beat me ! :)* TA-PE: When nothing else matters, chase your own reaction. Super simple Goal: 9 dots and one of it is glowing. Your mission is to touch the glowing dot as fast as possible when it appears.Right after you touched it, it will appear at another place in the same moment, without delay. Keep chasing!While Play, Remember: If you do not see a dot, it does not mean that it's not there :)It may just happen that your eyes and focusing have been in delay to recognize it earlier. Therapy comes from the Greek language and it means: "Bring somebody on the way to healing."For that:Improve your focusing, reaction time and get a better technique, with one finger, two fingers or swiping over the dots. - Just be fast, accurate and collect as much lights as you can till the 60 Seconds time rans out.Already a good result is to come under 500ms (MilliSeconds) between a dot starts glowing and your touch.Blue Explosions mark times under 500ms and orange explosion slower reactions.After 60 Seconds:You will get your average reaction time shown in milliseconds and the amount of collected Lights.Its fun to measure with your friends when you saved your record in the Top 10 List.Also be fair, just one time practicing will make it already harder for them. Lol.Share your Records.You may post your best Results also here in the Comments, till an official gamecenter (to share your records) is included.--------------History:Beginning of 2011, in one of London's Madame Tussauds Theme Rooms, I saw a 2m high Light Installation, where you had to touch as fast as possible the glowing lamps. I wasn"t as good as some others, but I remembered there have been Computer Games like that in similar concepts I liked already. Anyhow, in summer I made several tests for mobile applications and showed it to my family.They played this one a bit and liked its simplicity, also it was clear its not a typical fun, action or family game.More it is a simple Challenge for one time, or a tool to chase and improve his own reaction time.Than I got some additional Motivating when my Father, who had a Stroke in the same year, told me he got some similar simple games from his doctor to improve his rehabilitation, especially for his eyes and motor skills. I liked the Idea to make an app with a background in therapy since my other Application "My Days". Finally while staying in Sinai/Egypt in Sheikh Salem House at the beautiful Red Sea, I added the CountDown Voice with my sudanese friend Jackie and decided to give it a try and publish this application into the market. Thats all in Credits and History for now, more may come soon.Future Ideas:Depending on your 5***** Star Ratings, (come on simplicity is what its all about here :), we could add a Multiplayer Modus and even something with Colors. Facebook Notification and GameCenter.Seriously Warning:This is not a certificated product for any therapy.Just use it for your private entertainment.Do not use this application should you have epileptic problems as flashing lights do appear. First ask your Doctor, should u like to use this app in therapy as a rehabilitation tool.Be aware that You use this Application on your own Responsibility.--------------
Developer: Christian Albert Mueller
Genre(s): Sports, General
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