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  • Summary: *** BUY THE HALLOWEEN SPECIAL NOW *** Dare to enter the spooky tattoo parlour and become a master of fright! Face your deepest terrors and tattoo undead biker chicks and chopper riders! Step to the dark side and spread the horrors of Halloween by drawing the scariest tattoos! Decorate your terrified customers with frighteningly beautiful tattoos! Wield your possessed tattoo machine and tattoo creepy images that exude the darkness of Halloween. Let the dead rise from their graves, summon the creatures of night and create monsters and werewolves on the backs, arms and legs of your victims!

    - Control a cruel needle and paint scary Halloween shapes with your claws!
    - Draw and colour in 20 frighteningly awesome tattoo templates with as much precision as possible!
    - Decorate 5 different parts of the body with Ghosts, Demons and grinning Pumpkins!
    - Beat your own high scores and challenge the world's most vicious tattoo artists online!
    - Improve your skills in tattooing while listening to the pained screams of your male and female customers!
    - Rock out to heavy tunes and celebrate your own Happy Halloween!

    Buy the special Halloween edition of Tattoo Mania and become the most feared tattoo artist!

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