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  • Summary: Teeter Deluxe HD is the best teeter game on the market !In Teeter Deluxe HD, you get a classic and beautiful teeter game with some exciting and challenging levels for the pro.But in addition to this, a teeter full of surprises, great diversity in the levels and some new exciting and thrilling features.Very addictive, fun and very challenging in the pro levels!Be ready and be steady !In Teeter Deluxe HD, you have to control a steel ball in a wooden labyrinth through some obstacles without falling in the holes.To control the ball, just tilt your phone up, down, left or right. The speed and the angle of the ball is depending on the inclination.In addition to a beautiful classic teeter game, Teeter Deluxe HD offers a lot of surprises such as glass walls that can be broken, bouncy walls, ice floor, remote controlled doors for the pro players…All of these elements will add even more enjoyment, diversity and challenge.You will need a lot of patience, ability and dexterity to win all the 45 levels of this amazing Teeter Deluxe HD.Your progress is automatically saved and also the best time for each level.Teeter Deluxe HD is a very addictive game with exciting gameplay for everybody!The sound effects, amazing music, beautiful HD graphics and the diversity of the levels make Teeter Deluxe HD the best pro teeter game on the market. Expand
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