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  1. Jan 13, 2014
    Terraflux Game for i-pads
    Genre: Wargames 13th Jan 2014
    Introduction Terraflux has me hooked. It was released in December 2013 by a
    Terraflux Game for i-pads
    Genre: Wargames 13th Jan 2014
    Terraflux has me hooked. It was released in December 2013 by a games design graduate who obviously has a passion for military vehicles and strategy games. Apparently it took a year to develop.
    For each game you pick the two camouflage colours of your side, the number of computer rivals (up to 9), the size of the map and the level of difficulty.
    The interesting thing about Terraflux as the name suggests, is that the map keeps changing. The hexagonal tiles change colour (and pattern for the colour blind), from shades of grey, to blues, greens and reds, which affects the unit’s ability to move and its strengths and weaknesses. This comes more into play as the game develops.
    One word about the tutorial, it describes the group and distance way point moves but quite honestly you don't need these until further on into the game. Also the help button is always there so you can check how to do this later and check up on a particular unit’s strengths and weaknesses.
    The aim is to wipe out all the enemies’ factories and to do this you need to build up your credits so you can build more factories and upgrade your factory so that as well as building infantry units it can also build armoured vehicles and later artillery.
    Terraflux is the best way of killing time in an absorbing and enjoyable way if one has an I- pad to hand. I must say that it also seems to be a tremendous mental stimulant and also helps you keep awake at night if you play it then.
    It is a challenging game and every time you wipe out an opponent’s unit it gives you a tremendous sense of satisfaction. This is enhanced by the sound and visual effects which are just brilliant.
    The shock artillery are particularly good fun as when you use the secondary weapon button it increases its range but decreases its accuracy.
    Because there are different difficulty levels it means a complete novice gamer can start at the easiest setting, using the help button throughout the game, and then progress until you reach the hardest ‘Wizard’ setting which no-one has won yet, as far as I am aware.
    It is a turn based game so you control the time to move on to the next turn. The overall layout is straightforward, a map based on hexagonal tiles. There is also a mini map in the top right hand corner to show where you are and the position of enemy factories and the colours of the tiles in the main map. You can drag the main map to navigate or you can tap the mini map to see a different place.
    You engage a unit or factory by tapping on it. The map illustrates in fluorescent green where you can move the unit to and red shows enemy units within range. The help button reminds you of the unit’s strengths and weaknesses against different kinds of units. There is a bar above each unit showing the life, moves and ammunition available.
    The game is well illustrated with original 3D drawings of military vehicles and factories. The map is colourful and forever changing. The visual and sound effects when a unit is destroyed are particularly noteworthy. Careful thought has been put into even the sounds of tapping a button.
    Play Time/ Re-playability
    The length of time to game completion can vary from about 10 minutes to many hours, depending on how many turns you can survive +/or how long it takes to wipe out the enemies. If you start at the easiest setting it is definitely worth progressing up, and down, through the grades. It is fun and also a challenge. Once you are familiar with the units your enjoyment increases even further.
    Final Recommendation
    For less than a pound this is money well spent as far as satisfaction and enjoyment are concerned.
    I would recommend that if you like strategy games and particularly if you are in a situation where you just have access to your I-pad there is no better way of killing time, taking your mind off other things and being stimulated to prepare you for any kind of battle.
    Also, this is definitely a game for the girls just as much as the boys!