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  • Summary: TAKE A BREAK AND PLAY TEXT TUMBLE! Text Tumble is a new word game. It’s a jumble-crossword hybrid with lots of fun twists. Play anytime, anywhere; even play multiple puzzles at a time!HOW TO TUMBLE?Each puzzle has a theme. All you need to do is guess the 15 words associated with that theme to complete the puzzle. It’s a deceptively simple game, which while very easy to play can challenge even the most seasoned word game enthusiasts. Puzzles save as you play so you won’t ever lose your progress.PLENTY OF PUZZLES TO KEEP YOU PLAYINGThe free starter pack comes with over 650 words! Unlock the rest in-app:• 18 mind-busting themes with loads of variety• More than 250 perplexing puzzles• Over 4000 words to guessMore themes and puzzles will be added all the time! You can contact us with suggestions and requests.PICK ‘N PLAY YOUR WAY!There are lots of themes to suit everyone:• Places, Jobs and Sports• Cartoons, Super Heroes and Comic Strips• Math & Science, History and Arts• Animated Films, Fantasy Films and Sci-Fi Films• Mobile Games, Characters and TV Sitcoms• Activities, Events and Seasons & HolidaysHINT, HINTIf you get stuck on a word there are lots of different types of hints you can buy with tokens. Hints range in how much they reveal for each word so if you need a small hint or a big hint you can get one.GET GOLDEN!Earn golden tokens you can use to buy hints. There are lots of ways to earn tokens without spending a dime! If you get stuck, you can purchase tokens in various packs.GREAT GAMEPLAY• Easy to learn with one simple help page• Optimized for Retina display• Fast, simple and clean layoutWHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Get this free app and play Text Tumble! Expand
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