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  • Summary: This game is using “The-Buton” which is famous for Japanese. This is simple just using a push button.It takes 30sec for a game, so you’ll play any time though you don’t have time.It is also connected with “Game Center” , it makes you more pleasant.Player character moves on the upper part of a screen to either side (right and left) when the game starts.Since "The-Buton" flows into the lower part of the screen, a button is pushed with accurate timing and please put on player character on "The-Buton."Score change with places on which character is put.Score become high, so that it is close to the middle of “The-Buton”When character is put on the middle of “The-Buton”, it is "PERFECT" (you get 500 points and 5 seconds), and the point rate which can be gained next time goes up.Even if character is put with "GREAT" (250 points) and "GIRIGIRI" (300 points), a point rate will not fall, however, point rate will fall in case of that it is not able to put on and the other things (100 points).Since the time limit of one game is 30 seconds, please do your best to be able to gain many score as much as you can in the meantime.After the end of a game, it appears the score of this game and then you can check the score of old one. Expand
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