The Great Rescue Plan Zombie City Image
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  • Summary: It is a role-playing game to rescue the citizens to wait for help in the city wandering zombies.? Storyzombies that has suddenly appeared in this city ... I became mayor.Damage to expand ... inexhaustible.While zombies are roaming the city in a lordly manner, was able to secure the safety of the Town Hall only somehow. Our citizens should have been left behind somewhere ... yet.Even if alone.For example, even if I do not have anything.I have to go to ... help.That 's the mission of the Mayor.This game is a story that you became the mayor to rescue citizens from zombies.Now, would you be able to rescue many of your own citizens before eaten by zombies.? Explanation of game?Trying to rescue civilians!] ?[Rescue procedure:]1. I select the "purpose section" or "place" towards the rescue.2. I was deciding where to rescue two people choose the "citizen squire."3. I will choose two "items" you have chosen an attendant citizen.4. When you are ready to select the "departure", start the "rescue mission"!?I will check the result - rescue! ?- Check the results of rescueCheck out the "record of deliverance."You can check citizens and kill zombies, the item you have found that helped.- Check the new companionCitizens who will now rescue work with us.They will surely be, who will be your ally encouraging.Place a new challenge-rescueBy successfully survived from the deepest of all over the place appeared a new rescue.Towards the rescue of all places, try to save as many people as citizens.- If you fail to rescue ...I lost on the way to rescue citizens and citizens who participated in the rescue operation, the items that were found during further operations.?Collect special training - strengthening citizens! ?You will be able to strengthen the citizen by special training.Only items and special training is required two or more citizens of the same profession in intensive training.[Special training procedure:]1. I want the "special training" in the "rescue operation headquarters."2. I choose "people to coach" and "people to special training."3. I select the "Item special training."4. Special training will begin when you select "Start special training" do have a gold necessary. Expand
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