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  • Summary: SUPER SALE! 50% OFF! Though his identity is unknown, “The Hero” lives a fast track, egocentric life as he gallivants around the world. You can catch glimpses of this fame-seeking superman as he soars flashily through the sky to catch falling babies, put out fires, and rid the world of crime – all the while high-fiving his adoring fans. Featuring an all new an exclusive iPad only single finger flight control.

    The Hero is an unknown man of mystery that spends his days soaring through the sky catching falling babies, putting out fires, and ridding the world of crime while high-fiving his adoring fans. The Hero’s days may be numbered now though, as the world’s most desirable cities are being taken over by an evil genius called Dr. Hubbub.

    As impending doom approaches, our Hero must fly to the rescue. Assisting the Police Chief and his voluptuous secretary Miss Rose, The Hero is launching a desperate bid to save each metropolis from Dr. Hubbub’s insanity and destruction.

    As well as accelerator and D-Pad controls the ipad has an exclusive single finger flight control.

    Be amazed at the stunning detail of the high definition graphics and video.

    Showcase your dynamic feats by posting your soaring high scores online against others around the world.
    Check out what the critics are raving about – become The Hero today!

    "I can’t imagine the game looking any better than it already does" - 148Apps

    "The gameplay is silky smooth...overall, a very fun experience to play through." - AppVee
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  1. Feb 16, 2011
    If this type of game seems to fit your interest, you've got a winning combination.
  2. Feb 16, 2011
    Ironically, I wasn't all that impressed during my first 15-20 minutes of playing The Hero, but now it is one of my favorite iPad games.