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  1. Aug 6, 2014
    Yes this first episode may be free on android, but you're better off playing it any other way. It's the very definition of a failed port. Broken and unresponsive touch screen controls ruin the entire thing. Constantly dying in the quick time events because it fails to pick up on your response, or not being able to participate in the conversation events because it doesn't acknowledge your input, makes this version almost completely unplayable. Even worse is when you perform the actions right during the quick-time sections and thanks to some glitch it kills you anyway after the game has progressed a little bit. It also doesn't help that it has many issues running on mobile devices.

    I suppose you could suffer through this port if you really wanted to. But given the fact that it's actually playable on any of the other systems means that you'll just be putting yourself through unnecessary frustration and disappointment. If you really must have a version of the game on the go then get it on the Vita. If a mobile device like the Android or IOS is your only means of playing the game, then sadly you'll be better off skipping it. There's no joy to be found in this port.