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  • Summary: Don't you get tired of such - the hero decided beforehand travels with the companion decided beforehand?
    RPG that became one of the new bases is born here.
    The name is "The-World".
    Let's freely make the hero and the companions who colors the adventure, and start the adventure
    that approaches the mystery of "The-World".

    This is a game of a new design that excludes a command input troublesome though old, good RPG is followed.

    - The party of 12 people or less can be freely organized.?Naturally, all members fight together at the same time.
    - It's possible to select the role of each member from 16+ classes freely. As a defender, attacker, healer, etc..., each member has each role as online RPGs. It's one of the important issues to control enemies' hate.
    - The member of the party fights along the standard of behavior that is called 'law'. Like "If vitality becomes 60% or less, heals the member.", a detailed action can be set.
    - Saving/Loading status is always possible when moving or even if combatting. You can play even at any few, free time.
    - It's designed so you can play even only by the right hand.
    You can operate it easily.

    *NOTE: If you can't hear se, finish the game and enlarge the volume of ring tone, then restart the game. If silent mode is set, you might not hear se. So set if off and enjoy it.
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