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  • Summary: A dog from neighborhood has made a poo poo ^_^ right in the middle of Jan and Ben's houses. Ben and Jan blame to each other and they both do not want to acknowledge that whose dog is it. Finally, those 2 families get involved into this matter, and they decide to have a showdown ! . intro video link: 1. Chess pieces(9 pieces totally) 1) Jan/Ben : Game will end when Jan/Ben is caught , and Jan/Ben will be caught by any other piece, which means Jan/Ben is the weakest one in the game. 2) Grandpa(7):Highest-ranked 3) Grandma(6):Second-ranked 4) father(5): Third-ranked 5) mother(4):Fourth-ranked 6) cleaners(3): Fifth-ranked,and can also clean the poo poo 7) Baby(2): Six-ranked, but can beat grandpa ~ 8) Dogs(1): Seventh-ranked, and have the abilities to recognize the enemies. 9) Dog Poopoo : Can beat any other pieces except the cleaner. 2.Rules 1) Action: Move/Attack. One box for each move, and in-place attack 2) If 2 pieces are the same rank, the one attacks first will win. 3) Players have to guess the enemy's ranks, but the dog poopoo knows the enemy's ranks. 3.Winning the game The one who captures the flag first will win the game Now choose one family~ Which family do u like best? Jan's which likes hamburgers or Ben's which likes noodles?? o(∩_∩)o Expand
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