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  • Summary: TheaterAct is NOW ON SALE for a short time! TheaterAct is a tapping enemy game unlike any that you've ever played. You are actor, so act on stage following the screenplay. On the other hand, bad manner audiences come to theater one after another, so you'll attack them.
    You'll be very busy.

    1. Game begins, You are "Screen Stage". In the "Screen Stage", You will be given 4 screenplay choice. The answer changes every time, so you keep watching "Screen Stage", there are a few hints.
    2.You flick right on "Screen Stage" to move to "Theater Stage". A movie is now showing, so more darkness. Your coolness get the bad manner audiences!
    3. Continuing 1 and 2 to over the show time, You got cleared! Before over the show time, "Complaint Meter" reaches max. It's game over.

    There are 4 stages and 3 time schedules, so all 12 stages.
    The first few stages are almost easy, but difficulty and quality increases going to the last stage.
    If many people download TheaterAct, I create next stage!

    Let's Enjoy Movie!!!

    Developed by Ishikawa Naoki.
    twitter: @jarinosuke
    Special thanks to these beatiful products:
    + ????????????? by ??????????????

    Special thanks to these excellent libraries and frameworks:
    + cocos2d for iPhone by Ricardo Quesada
    + XAuthTwitterEngine by Aral Balkan
    + Twitter+OAuth by Ben Gottlieb
    + MGTwitterEngine by Matt Gemmell
    + SFHFKeychainUtils by Buzz Andersen
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