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  • Summary: BoxingZoo is THE boxing game of the year!

    Fight zany, madcap animals in highly exotic and off-the-wall decors! BoxingZoo is a unique environment, an even more unique (if possible) menagerie of animals and a completely unique sound track!

    Simply put your fingers on the ... gloves on the
    touch screen and demolish the bad guy. Use the rapid touch screen game-play to box your opponent. But don’t forget to keep your guard up, or your opponent will seize the chance to knock you to the ground.

    - The arcade mode offers classic combats against each character in BoxingZoo.

    - Survivor mode requires your incredible skill to beat all your opponents without a break.

    Are you up to it? BoxingZoo also integrates the social network Plus+, which enables you to compare your scores with your friends online. BoxingZoo is a high quality, offbeat arcade game. It features superb original music, carefully chosen sound effects, characters with personality and excellent backgrounds. An unmissable application that will use the multimedia capacities of your iPhone or iPod to the fullest.

    Oddy Bear, Shaka, Ray Zuss and Dark Small are all waiting to kick your butt, so download BoxingZoo and let ‘em know who’s the boss!
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