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  • Summary: The Color Test >10K apps downloaded in 1 month. An addictive & fun puzzle game that makes you more speedy. This test has been designed to measure the component of cognition (called Exectuive Function) that controls and manages higher-order cognitive process. RELEVANCE TO EVERYDAY LIFE:
    Enhanced executive function is absolutely vital to allowing us to navigate the challenges that life presents on a daily basis. Executive function provides the cognitive coordination that enables activities such as planning, problem-solving (e.g. SAT, GMAT), error correction and troubleshooting, motivation, regulation of emotion, and abstract thinking.

    A colored word will be presented on the first line. Then there will be 6 colored words to choose from. Choose the COLOR of the presented word. It's easy at first glance but can be quite tricky after a while. Needs concentration and focus.

    Music sound during playing
    Bar showing the time left
    Scores can be uploaded to a network; top 10 best performer listed
    How to play section

    I left college 8 years ago. When I played TheColorTest, I realized that I didn't use my brain that much. This game helps removing the rust from my brain, and teaches me how to respond faster.
    David S. Walsh
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