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  • Summary: "THETA Poker is the best Texas Hold’em game available for the iPhone OS, hands down" {148Apps}. Now, THETA Poker Pro has arrived to challenge you with its new Career Mode.Have fun building your virtual bankroll from nothing to ten million smackeroos and a World Championship title. Share your best hands (or worst bad beats) with your friends through Twitter, Facebook, or Email with a quick swipe and a few taps.With its uniquely efficient betting mechanism and convenient, one-handed operation on iPhones and iPod touches, you can play Hold 'Em anytime, anywhere, and improve your Hold 'Em skills in the shortest of spare moments. This app will actually make you look forward to waiting in lines.While the original app took "computerised poker to new levels of artificial intelligence" {Spanner Spencer, Pocket Gamer UK}, the Pro version adds a Master AI level to hone your skills even more (and a killer Pro level is in the works!). Learn from the strategies used by the top poker pros, so when you play for real you will lose less and win more.Tap the deck to fold. Tap your cards to check or call. Tap your chips then tap to select one of the preconfigured standard bets. If only defeating THETA Poker Pro's computer opponents were this easy.FEATURES:• Save your eyes with large, readable cards and a clear and elegant, iOS-optimized user interface. Enhanced for the retina displays on the iPhone 5 and iPad 4 but still looks great on the low-res iPad mini.• Pick your preferences: beginner to master opponents; landscape or portrait; 2 to 10 players per table; knockout tournament, shootout, or ring game; and dozens of other options.• Enjoy your own music and real gaming sounds. Compatible with all streaming audio sources such as Pandora, Spotify, Shoutcast, and Songza.• Compete against the strongest and most realistic artificial intelligence players on any cell phone or PDA, with opponents who evaluate hand strength, position, and tendencies to execute blind steals, slowplays, checkraises, continuation bets, short-stack handling, and bluffs.• Share the current screen or hand recap to Mail, Twitter, or Facebook with a two-finger swipe. [Also Assign to Contact, Save to Camera Roll, Print, Copy, and Weibo where available.]• View or e-mail your hand history: with optional Rabbit Hunting to show what could have been (you can even see your opponents' hole cards in Practice games).• Benefit from full VoiceOver accessibility. You can even play without looking at the screen as all actions are announced verbally.No other poker app has:• A career mode that lets you build your bankroll from nothing to an entry into a 10,000-player world championship.• Incredible tournament details like table balancing, chipping up, dead buttons, and tighter play at each major bubble.• Viewable, emailable, and analyzable hand histories (turn Compatibility mode on to export to Holdem Manager, PokerTracker, Poker Copilot 2, and most other major PC and Mac HUDs).• Adjustable speed from casual to an incredible 1,000 hands per hour, the most efficient practice you can get without multitabling online.• Dozens of user-adjustable options that let you mimic your home ring game, try a 100-player 10-max shootout, or compete in a heads-up freezeout.• HUD (heads up display) statistics for each opponent at the table.• In-game and career statistics, blind schedules, payout schedules, poker glossaries (including a complete set of hole card nicknames), and a practice mode that lets you see your opponents cards after each hand.Written by poker players for poker players. Beta testers have already enjoyed playing millions of hands in this app! Expand
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