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  • Summary: Thrones is a new, fast play multiplayer card game. There is an element of luck but a hidden twist of strategy involved. Warning: This game may take a battle or two to master - but protecting the Queen and her Royalty will become your passion! The Queen and her Castle are under siege by enemy Knights. The situation is urgent and your mission is to get the Queen and each Royal in the Court stationed on their throne to protect the land. Victory is Sweet AND Rewarded: Build your Royal Treasure by choosing your wager and then play to win! When your Kingdom wins, you win and earn more treasure (bonus points). To save the Queen and her Royals, you must decide how to place your cards on the Court in a way that leaves a place for each Royal (face cards) to take their seat when they arrive! (Hint: The more you play, the more you will uncover the hidden layer of strategy.) Take advantage of near misses from the enemy. Don’t retreat! When you fill up the board with a combination of Royals and Number Cards WITHOUT blocking any Royalty – you get to clear the board by selecting combinations of 10 in any suit. Draw from your treasure to use your bonus coins for more advantages! Proceed with caution: if you choose unwisely – and a Royal does not have a place to sit – you will lose that round of battle. But, take heart, there are three rounds of battle and opportunities for you to win your wager! As a new warrior in the battle for the Thrones Kingdom, you may feel that much is left up to chance and you are helpless against the powerful enemy Knights. However, with experience and training, you will start to formulate a strategy that will give you the upper hand against your opponents. You Play, You Win, We Donate! Players can choose a charitable cause to play for, earn points with game wins, and Thrones will donate: ?Finding the cure for breast cancer ?Saving the lives of the malnourished ?Providing aid for disaster relief Expand
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