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  • Summary: If you like word games like Scrabble, you'll love Tile Seven. It combines Scrabble skills with 'falling blocks' gameplay. To do well at Tile Seven you need to anagram your rack of tiles into words, drop the words on to the board strategically, and try to score as many 7-letter words as possible. The better you get at Tile Seven, the better you'll be at your favourite word game. --------------------Features:--------------------• 50 point bonuses for 7-letter words.• Two blank wild-card tiles.• Familiar letter values.• Built in SOWPODS dictionary.• Play against the clock.• Bonus points for strategic play.--------------------Game Play:--------------------Tile Seven is easy to learn, even if you've never played Scrabble before. The aim of the game is to make words out of individual letters and place them on your rack. You then strategically drop the words onto the board below. When you drop a new word, it doesn't have to join up with any of the words already on the board – the word is like a brick that falls to the bottom of the screen. Points are awarded whenever a complete row of words is formed (the row disappears just like the classic ‘falling blocks’ games). Bonus points are scored by:• Clearing more than one row with a single word.• Making 7-letter words.• Dropping words onto bonus squares. The game ends when you run out of tiles, time, or room on the board.Like Scrabble, Tile Seven teaches you how to manage the letters on your rack, how to place words strategically to get the maximum score, and how to make the most of all the 2-letter words. Tile Seven penalises you for playing words that aren't in the dictionary, but rewards you for clever placement and playing 7-letter words.There are 99 tiles available in Tile Seven. Each row on the board is 9 letters wide – ideal for combining 7-letter words with the ever useful 2-letter words. The perfect game of Tile Seven requires you to clear 11 rows of words that contain 9 letters. But that's not possible if you try to play words that aren't in the dictionary!--------------------Tips & Tricks:--------------------Like all great games, Tile Seven is very easy to learn, but difficult to master. Visit www.tileseven.com to see the game in action and learn the tips & tricks that will help improve your score. Expand
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