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  • Summary: Time of Heroes“ is 3D TURN-BASED strategy FUN! A game with GREAT graphics, roleplaying elements, a GROUNDBREAKING combat system and EASY accessibility. Players will find themselves immersed for hours in the fantasy world of „Altland“.??????????????????????????????? The IAP's are purely optional: you don't need them to play the game! It's more like a cheat mode if you find the game too hard.We played the game on "hard/hordes" (highest difficulty without using the special items!!!)??????????????????????????????? Features:? Great 3D graphics? Cool soundtrack? Exciting Story? Groundbreaking game- and combat system? 6 playable heroes? 6 playable Units? Over 25 different enemies? 8 – 10 hours playtime? Skill trees? Items? For newcomers and pro's of the genre alike? 3 different „AI Difficulty Levels“? 3 different „Unit Numbers Difficulty Levels“? High replayability? Universal for all iTouch Devices (iPhone 3GS + iPod 3 (32GB) onward)? iCloud saves??????????????????????????????? Under the leadership of prince Minos humans land on a foreign coast in search of a new home. A short while after going on shore, they realize that the land holds many dangers, but also new hopes and new allies.Their old home was engulfed by ice and cold and the old king Asterios ordered his son Minos and the majority of the people to sail southward. 400 years before the happenings in „Companions“ (available for iPad) the northern people reach the coast of „Altland“. Immediately after the landing they make acquaintance with the inhabitants of the north coast and those strange beings have just one thing in mind: eat all the intruders.In the course of their adventures the heroes of the northern people meet the mad elf Shoto Gar and his ally, the legendary dwarven trapper, Ung Bulmitz. These two wrongdoers control the lower creatures of the north and without hesitation try to enslave or destroy the newcomers.Since thousands of years „Altland“ is the scene of a terrible war, which brought the old races of the continent, the dwarves and elves, to near extinction. The minions of the dark god „Detexx“, undead, demons and other horrible creatures turn out to be the biggest threat the humans have ever faced. Prince Minos is quick to realize that the „hordes of nether“ may only be defeated by joining forces with dwarves and elves of „Altland“. Expand
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  1. May 3, 2012
    While Time of Heroes isn't my favorite turn-based strategy on iOS, it was fun and had fairly decent 3D graphics.
  2. Jan 21, 2012
    When you combine the large amount of depth on the gameplay side with a good narrative tale and a fairly decent control scheme, Time of Heroes is well worth a recommendation for any fan of strategic turn-based games.
  3. Jan 21, 2012
    An incredibly deep game that's full of epic storytelling and excellent strategy mechanics… it just might take a little while to appreciate all of this.
  4. Feb 15, 2012
    Time of Heroes is hard to learn because every unit has tons of "numbers" which need a good effort to learn. If you are searching a good challenge you may like it.
  5. Jan 30, 2012
    An engaging and enthralling turn-based strategy title, Time of Heroes hits more than it misses, and with a few updates could be a classic.