Tiny Cars: Carburetor Valley Challenge HD Image
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  • Summary: Carburetor Valley Challenge is exclusive and top secret racing competition between 6 the best tiny cars. Every year Challenge takes place in top secret Carburetor Valley, where first top speed and best performance cars where tested for their skills. Nowadays Valley is closed for testing cars, but racing spirit is alive, waiting for the coolest, toughest and fastest cars that have what it takes to get till the end of the Carburetor Valley.And this year is no exception. Unique of their kind, 6 tiny cars are gathering for ultimate racing challenge. Who will be this year's Carburetor Valley Challenge winner?Carburetor Valley Features: 25 challenging Carburetor Valley levels 6 awesome tiny car characters5 in air tricks to perform Collect golden coins to earn extra points Multiplayer & Leaderboard to compete with friends Power Boosts to get further faster and perform tricks longer in the air Level Skips to get to the next level when you’re tired Authentic Arcade Video Game machine view in the Store Eye-Popping cartoon graphics and funny sounds To get speed simply press and hold your finger on the screen when driving down the hill and release finger when going up the hill. Feel free to perform as many tricks as you like, but remember, there is limited time for every level to complete, so don’t be to slow either! Carburetor Valley Challenge begins now! Start your engine and speed it up! Expand
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