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  • Summary: "Aria ... are you alright?!"In the distance she could hear Professor Pete calling to her. Her dog, S.K., was anxiously barking, they were rarely, if ever, separated.As she opened her eyes she could see the sky through a hole in the ceiling and the silhouette of a funny old man in a bow tie looking down from above. It was her long time friend, Professor Pete. That was where Aria must've fallen from.The last thing she remembered was looking at the big red "X" on the map. Once she realized she was standing on the very site of the tomb she jumped up and exclaimed, "Eureka!"Aria didn't remember landing.'I'm alright!' she called back as she coughed and began to sit up and wipe the rubble off. As she started to look around at her surroundings a strange feeling came over her. Even though she had never been here before she knew exactly where she was, and she should've. Aria spent the last two years desperately trying to find the lost "Tomb of Infinity" with the help of Professor Pete and S.K.. Now, all that work finally brought her to the entrance.Aria thought she spotted something on the wall that looked like a an old torch. She walked over and pulled out her lighter. She was right. With one quick flick she brought the cold tomb back to life. The flickers and embers swooped around the room as shadows danced along the cracks in the ancient walls. Then, she turned around and saw it! The monumental entrance to the tomb. A gigantic stone door that was unbelievably smooth and beautifully crafted. It was split right down the center.As she studied the door Aria could make out six different animals in all their sculpted glory. To an amateur, it would look like eye candy to hang in a museum, but Aria knew better. She knew these were the spiritual protectors of the tomb ... and the treasures within.Something caught Aria's eye. In the center of the door she saw the biggest gem she had ever seen and was surrounded by a golden lock. The gem had an alluring rosy hue and seemed to be shimmering. It enchanted her and drew her closer and closer until she saw her hand reaching out to touch it.In the distance she could hear S.K. barking again. He only barked like that when a storm was coming.The gem was getting brighter and brighter and just when she thought she could grab it, the gem slide back into the door and disappeared. Aria heard a loud mechanical thump and suddenly the two sides of the door slid open. She couldn't believe what she was seeing."Aria .. can you hear me?!"-------------------------------------------------Join legendary adventurer, Aria Brite and friends, in her very first adventure as you help her unlock the secrets of the "Tomb of Infinity". Play this brand new game designed by Kurt Bieg, creator of Circadia and Twirdie, with stunning artwork by Victor Soto. Over a year in the workings, the creators wanted to bring something never before seen to the casual puzzle genre. The result is Tomb Breaker a match 2 game, unlike any other puzzle game you've played. Challenge friends on Game Center and Facebook by getting the highest score in 60 seconds each week. Collect gems and purchase game bending powerups while making score breaking crossovers, clears, and combos. Look out for falling rocks when you run out of time!Can you break the tomb?Features:- Brand new, never before played match 2 gameplay created by acclaimed game designer Kurt Bieg. Instantly learnable, infinitely addicting.- Enter the vivid world of Aria Brite brilliantly illustrated by Victor Soto.- Connect to Facebook to challenge friends on the leaderboards.- Compete for all time high scores on Game Center.- Play for numerous secret achievements.- Experience a truly immersive puzzle set in the ancient “Tomb of Infinity”. Expand
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  1. May 30, 2013
    A refreshingly different type of match-based puzzle, with its line-drawing mechanics occupying my brain well afterwards.
  2. May 22, 2013
    There isn't much room left for new match 3s, and Tomb Breaker is bound to have a hard time breaking in. Being less manipulative and more challenging than the competition isn't exactly a winning combo from a financial point of view. It is, however, a great reason to check the game out. If you still have love for this overplayed genre but want to spend a little more time planning than panicking, Tomb Breaker will be worth your while.
  3. May 20, 2013
    Tomb Breaker keeps it simple with gameplay just a matter of matching up gems and nothing more. It's fun for a time, but pretty forgettable.
  4. May 22, 2013
    Tomb Breaker is a reasonably fresh but extremely shallow gem-matching puzzler. It proves mildly diverting, but fails to add anything meaningful to the genre.