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  • Summary: TouchSort is a hectic, arcade-style action game in which you toss colored balls from the center of the screen to their matching side goal. It's never that simple, though. To tense things up, there is a timer! You only get 3 seconds to make a shot, with more points being awarded if you have more time left. If the timer runs out or you match up the wrong colors, you lose a life. You start the game with 3 lives, and they never recover. To mix things up a bit, the side goals also rotate every two seconds. Good luck!

    This game is fast-paced, fun, and extremely habit-forming!


    - Pause: Control the action to have it when you want it!
    - Autosave: Never worry about losing your perfect game to an interruption like a text message or a phone call!
    - Online Leaderboard: This game utilizes the Cocoslive system for global online high scores.
    - Facebook Integration: Brag about your new high score to your friends and compete to be the best!
    - Multitouch: Use all of your fingers! Grab a friend (or two! or three!) and make a collaberative effort!

    If you liked this game, tell your friends and family about it so that I can continue to develop games. If you have any problems, suggestions, or complaints, please contact me first! I am a dedicated, active developer and I would love nothing more than to improve your TouchSort experience.

    Thanks for playing!
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