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  • Summary: Free for New Year's. Thanks for a great year!
    "Trak4 is a challenging puzzle game for the iPhone and iPod Touch."

    "Trak4 is an excellent game, and it keeps your brain active! The hardest difficulty setting is quite challenging. For only 99cents, this
    game is a wonderful addition to your iPhone game collection!" -

    "I like that this game is very clean, simple to learn, fun to play, for $0.99 this is a steal. This app is available in the iTunes App Store." -

    “I think that this is a great app that is definitely worth its $0.99 (59p) price tag. You will enjoy playing with this app, and you will want to play with it every time you get a couple of minutes to yourself." -

    "It’s just challenging enough to make you want to play some more, and is thus the perfect 99¢ game" -


    Trak4 is a challenging puzzle game for the iPhone and iPod Touch featuring 89 puzzles (thats just over a $0.01 a puzzle ;-0 ).

    In Trak4, you are trying to beat the clock in matching the tile pattern on the right to the pattern on the left. Players earn points for the time remaining. If you match the pattern correctly, you gets another round. If the pattern doesn’t match the game is over. The twist is that you can only see the entire target pattern for the first few seconds of each round. After that the pattern is cloaked in darkness and you can only see the portion that appears underneath the moving spotlight.

    If you get stuck, press the “Hint” button to get a quick peek at the target pattern.
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