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  • Summary: Kuku-lulu, once a peaceful place, is no longer safe. What are these shadow creatures that are attacking us? Why are they attacking us? Could they have sensed the power of the Earth shard that I am holding onto?Our world is on the precipice of destruction! The Darkness no longer fears the Light. And it's corrupting the denizens of the realms. Our fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, friends and loved ones… all corrupted!We must hurry to retrieve all the shards. I fear for our world if we delay any longer… The Darkness is growing with the shards' powers.You have to help us stop this!Features:- ADVENTURE STORY!- 30 LEVELS OF FAST-PACED SPELLING GAME!- STRATEGIC TURN-BASED GAME PLAY!- MORE FREE CONTENTS TO BE REVEALED REGULARLY!- UPGRADE YOUR SUMMMONER, MAKE HIM AWESOME!- COLLECT DOLLS AND POWER-UPS!- BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED CHARACTERS!- BEAUTIFULLY HAND-DRAWN 2D GRAPHICS AND BACKGROUNDS!- AWESOME SOUND EFFECTS!- ACHIEVEMENTS!SPELL, STACK, SPELLS!SPELL words to fend off the invaders! Help your desperate summoner retrieve lost elemental shards, collect dolls and power-ups and release your companions from the Possessed with your spells.STACK your words in a turn to build up the potency of your magic attacks.SPELLS summon guardians with different elemental attacks.Become a fan of Trib-U-lations on Facebook: Expand
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